About the Podcast

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Love & Passports is a travel and literary fiction podcast launched in October 2019 aimed to creating an innovative and imaginative way to talk about travel. Our podcast combines storytelling with informative insight on traveling to new destinations around the world.

Every Wednesday evening, our host, creator and founder Dana Givens, talk about a new destination. Each episode will feature an original romantic short story and discussion afterwards about the destination. Our episodes will cover a range of topics including, cultural identity, literary history, romance, wellness, and more.

Below you will find our episode guide for our current and upcoming episodes.

Season One Episode List

  1. Life on the Riviera – Destination: Monaco
  2. A Celebration of Black Excellence in Colombia (feat. Kim Smith, founder of Black Travel Culture) – Destination: Colombia
  3. Gin & Books – Destination: Scotland
  4. Celebrating Life & Death in Oaxaca, Mexico – Destination: Mexico

Upcoming Episodes

5. Beyond The City of Lights – Destination: France

6. The Wonders of Italy (feat. Nastasaia Yakoub, founder of the Dame Traveler) – Destination: Italy

7. A Literary Tour of New York City – Destination: United States

and more to be announced soon!

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