About The Show

A Travel Show with a Literary Twist

Love & Passports is a travel and literary fiction themed podcast hosted by Dana Givens. The idea started from the idea of using immersive storytelling to use as a platform to talk to aspiring and seasonal travelers about visiting new destinations. Our mission is to inspire listeners to want to see the world and possible discover some new books to read along the way. 

Our digital publication focuses on wellness, literary, and romance-focused travel content while reports on updates in airline travel as well as fight deals with our audience to take advantage of. We also provide hotel reviews of premier hotels and resorts for our readers to use as a helpful resource when planning their trips. 

About Our Host

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico Photo Credit: Love & Passports

Dana Givens is a travel and food journalist. Her works can be seen in top-tier publications such as Saveur, Departures, Travel & Leisure, Essence, and more. Using her background in International Marketing and Cultural Studies, she started to pursue a career in digital journalism to tell stories about the things she was passionate about – travel and culture. Since then, she has managed to travel to over 25 countries and work with numerous names in the travel industry. She also writes romance novels under the pen name, V. Monet. You can learn more about her works on her website, www.vmonet.com.